Adding a Spark to the Park

Adding a Spark
to the Park

Commercial | Metalwork | Woodwork
Coordinating multiple massive structures. Working with dozens of artists, stakeholders and city officials. Bringing an entire community together under beautiful shapes and shade. The word “Unity” truly says it all when looking at this once-in-a-lifetime project.
A colorful standout of the entire park, the iconic 9-foot-tall UNITY Sign, took 6+ weeks to finish and has become the backdrop of countless friend and family photos. The Picnic Shelters mix steel with Alaskan Yellow Cedar to give flight to organic, inspired and functional gathering spaces.

The custom-made Wind Chimes along E.B. Holloway Trail demanded a level of artistry that involved collaborating with skilled musicians, and the sculptured steel Playground Fencing features large, sweeping curves to create movement and evoke grasses swaying in the wind.

The latest addition to Unity Park, the incredibly complex Wetlands Shelter is a wildly unique structure that weighs roughly 3,000 pounds, with hand-twisted wooden beams bolted at 324 different intersections.